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   The surface of different metals can’t avoid to be oxidated during heat treatment, machining processing, transportation and storage. Meanwhile, are easily polluted by all kinds of oil contamination and absorb other impurity. Most of metals can change as required color, luster, texture and etc. through related surface treatments. Will improve the appearance and add additional value via this way. The appropriate surface treatment technique will be choosed on product function, usage situation and material characteristic during product design and manufacture, that will approach the requirements and have a good appearance. Presently, the surface treatments for most products need to meet the ROHS standard. Our company is very familiar with all kinds of different surface treatments during export experience these years, and perfectly cooperate with other professional surface treatment factories, can assure to help our clients to do what they want to. And of course, we warmly welcome you to bring new treatment projects, and we would like to try with you together.
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